Dough Cutting | 麵糰分割

Steps | 做法 :

  • 將發酵完成的麵糰分割成所需等份,手放麵糰上輕輕地拍出空氣,翻轉麵糰,切口往內包,輕輕滾圓,接口朝下,蓋上一層擰乾的濕布或保鮮紙,待麵糰鬆弛10分鐘。麵糰整形。

  • Divide the fermented dough into required portions. Press the dough lightly with your hand to squeeze the air out, reverse the dough then fold it into the centre and shape it into a ball-like, put them on a baking parchment and cover it with a damp cloth or a plastic wrap, let rest for 10 minutes.

(A) Shaping round | 滾圓形做法 :

(B) Shaping rod | 滾圓柱形做法 :