French Croissant | 法式牛角

Member of my family asked for 6 when he has tasted one!! His favorite!!

Ingredients | 材料 :

  • Yield: 8 numbers | 8 件
160g  Bread flour | 高根麵粉
  40g  Cake flour | 低根麵粉
    3g  Salt | 鹽
  15g  Caster sugar | 糖
  10g  Unsalted or salted butter | 無鹽有鹽牛油
  25g  Egg | 雞蛋
    8g  Milk powder | 奶粉
    4g  Yeast | 酵母(依士) 
100g  Warm water | 溫水 

Fat Layer |  酥芯 (夾心) : 
80g  Salted butter, chilled | 有鹽牛油,冷凍

Steps | 做法:

  1. 焗爐以180~200°C預熱。
  2. 參照酥皮麵糰製作至完成二次摺疊冷藏,用擀麵棍輾薄麵糰成長方形,約20cmx32cm。用刀切去四邊使有層次感及方便做形。再切割成8件三角形,高20cm底8cm
  3. 三角形底部中間切一小刀,將麵糰由底部向上摺一下,輕輕手向兩邊拉開小許, 然後向上捲至尾成牛角形。如圖
  4. 造形麵糰放在已塗油的焗盤,蓋上保鮮紙,作最後發酵約40分鐘約2~2.5倍大。
  5. 麵糰上掃上蛋液或再撒上芝士碎放入已預熱至180~200°C的焗爐內,烘焗約15~20分鐘至表面呈金黃色。取出放架上待涼。
  1. Preheat oven to 180~200°C.
  2. Refer to Making Puff Dough until after 2 rounds of 3-fold chilling, roll dough to a 20cm by 32cm rectangle. Cut 4 sides until even. Cut into 8 triangles, 20cm height, 8cm base.
  3. Cut 1 inch height at base of triangle, fold up and slightly stretch to both sides then roll up to make a croissant. Make up the rest.
  4. Put the croissants on baking tray with baking parchment, cover it with plastic wrap, for final fermentation for about 40 minutes till 2~2.5 times bigger. 
  5. Gently brush the surface with egg glaze and/or add shredded cheese.  Bake in 180~200°C preheated oven for about 15~20 minutes. Remove from oven and cool on rack.

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